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Website Update (v0.3)

The best website update yet! Big (and kind of small) but exciting!!! now has a new look! Make sure you check out the new changes! Enjoy! :D
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Website Update (v0.2)

What's new in this update?! Find out now!
Survey pop-up that opens the first time you open the website - note that if you open the website on different devices that you HAVEN'T viewed the site on, the survey pop-up will still come up; the survey pop-up is just a pop-up on the website and is not the pop-up that will affect opening tabs;McAfee Secure has made its debut on the Bricks Happy website, these include subdomains and other websites such as,, and More still to come! McAfee Secure gave our site a security scan and it could not find malware or malicious links, phishing or insecure data giving, it noticed that we had a valid SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. When you see the site, a floating McAfee Secure Trustmark will always be there to keep trust with you that we are safe at all times;Return to Homepage buttons have been renamed to 'Subscribe!' to avoid confusion;Now…

Website Update (v0.1.3)

Some brief changes have been made to the homepage to make it better: and now redirect to the subscribe page;HTTPS is no longer available on as there is no need - it is only redirecting to a secure connection anyway.

Website Update (v0.1.2)

Welcome to a quick update on the site! It includes one new feature that changes the way that works! It's not the biggest change in the world but it will be talked about on this blog post!

If you aren't on this blog post, click Read More!

So the change that has been added to the website is relatively small.

It is just one correction to!

Previously, there would be three lines having three links to a Strawpoll on whether the website was good or not. This was removed because people can see what EVERYBODY thinks about the website which might make them seem in the minority/majority and so it'd be very annoying.

Now, the survey is on a SurveyMonkey link where results are ONLY showed to us at!

Give feedback here.

Website Update (v0.1.1)

A bit has been done to make the website even better!
This includes:
You can now give feedback to the website on;The 'all-news blog' is live, a post will be coming soon on;A new redesign to! If you want to see the blog, click here.
If you want to give feedback, click here.
If you want to go back home, click here.

Website Update (v0.1)

This website started on 5th January 2018 when the domain was brought!

This website will get better and better over time.

For now though, here is the list of things that have changed on the first day (6th January 2018).

If not on main post, click Read More.

Now on you get:
HTTPS secure connection;Subscribe for updates to your email;A welcoming page for users who go to;A modern design;A website update page available at;A new blog coming soon with all the news not just important news - available at soon! Features coming soon on include;
Domain e-mail (possible feature we're working on);Polls between 16:00-19:00 everyday! That's what we're working on! We hope you like the new website! It is paired with the YouTube channel, All Your Bricks!